Freedom Through Knowledge is a new personalized holistic approach to showing
individuals how to empower themselves by turning inward and develop inner strength so they can conquer addictions, remove extreme triggers from their environment, and stop repeating harmful experiences, enabling them to naturally develop a true quality and balanced way of life for themselves and their family. Freedom Through Knowledge is about understanding. Understanding the by product of creating a life we truly enjoy, naturally protects a way of life we have created for ourselves within the environments we live.



How do you recognize early on if you are out of balance with your true natural self and need to naturally develop a knowledge platform / belief system so you can avoid requiring rehabilitation of any kind? Ask yourself the following questions:



Are you using prescription drugs of any kind to help suppress your emotions, remove anxiety, emotional weight, or balance out depression?

Do we find ourselves at the end of the day needing alcohol or substances of any kind to help us relax and enjoy life thus falsely returning to a natural state?

Do we find ourselves always planning events in our life in order to bring short-term joy into our lives?

Do you find yourself cycling through similar harmful experiences in your life?

Are you living a naturally balanced life centered on understanding and implementing what brings true joy in all areas of your life as an individual as well as in relation to your family?

Have you become completely reactive in your life rather than making knowledgeable, well thought out choices based on turning inward to your emotions and knowing what you truly enjoy?

(If you are employed) When you return home from the office do you find yourself constantly thinking of what you need to accomplish at work the next day, thus creating a false sense of personal satisfaction, rather than truly enjoy other areas of your life?

(If you’re a parent) Are you having a difficult time with your children as they’re getting older? Do you find the more you try to control them the less control you have as a parent?

(If you’ve served in the military) When you’re at home are your thoughts constantly returning to your previous military experiences or are the relationships developed while you have served stronger than the ones within your immediate family?