About The Founder



ello. I’m Dannell. My life today? It’s fantastic! I work out on a regular basis. I participate in water-related sports such as enjoying the beach, boogie boarding, and scuba diving. I enjoy the relationships I have developed with my family and fun caring friends.

Life was once very different for me before I took steps to holistically return all my neural pathways to a natural state. Today, I lead a quality life that is free from the additions and triggers I had. I have a new perspective and appreciation for life and all it has to offer. I truly believe that when we become reactive in our environments or event base focused we lose sight of what is truly important and the joy we can have in our lives. If we empower ourselves to simply understand and then implement this new knowledge, a new level of joy will naturally develop in all areas of our lives.

One morning, several years ago, I woke up and immediately had the thought “this is the point where I have to make a change.” It was as simple as that; I had come to the crossroads right at that moment and I knew it.

Once I made the choice of where I wanted to go with my life, I took the time to turn inward and with the help of my family I began learning about energy and implementing what I had learned into my life.

One of those family members was my cousin Steven. During a visit to my dads in Canada I went to see a movie, and a cousin, Steven Ockey, who I hadn’t spoken to in about ten years, was in the theater. We became reacquainted at that time and Steven would ultimately play a large role in my life going forward.

Steven Ockey has been involved with the holistic/energy field for over twenty years and is a certified Holistic Life Coach and Specialized Kinesiologist. It was this connected that sparked us to start talking.

I took it upon myself to seek the answers and fill the void that was lacking. It was the beginning of a new journey for me as I educated myself and learned about how the mind and energy really work!

It was a profound change in my life and I embraced it. I felt the passion for it. Teaming up with Steven for the next four and a half years, together we developed a program that will help others that’s founded on what I discovered during the beginning of my new life.

I have found a great thirst for life and for living. The program is founded on the passion that I feel for helping others. I have lived what you are living. I have breathed it. And I have left my past behind and embraced joy and a life that’s fulfilling.

The new knowledge I had learned and applied was the key to naturally developing a life I truly enjoy like I do: You can have a great relationship with a companion and your family if you choose to. You can enjoy all areas of your life. It begins with making the choice to empower ourselves to do so. Life is about making choices, and the simple perspective we all need to understand is that in the end the only choice we have is: “What will we do with our time?” Once I asked myself this question I realized the next step for me was simply “What is it that I enjoy in life?”

To this day, the learning process continues: Reiki, Life Coaching

Join me and we’ll take those first steps together!