Definition Of Hyper Focusing & Event Based

Why is hyper focusing in areas of our life, becoming event based, or adding substances to our experience so harmful to our relationships and the naturally balanced life we are trying to create?


What happens when we hyper focus in certain areas of our lives or use substances to enhance our experiences? Through those experiences, both our neural pathways that generate the energy to create our emotions and the capacity that our physical bodies have to equivalently process this same volume of energy both dramatically and unnaturally increase equally.

And the byproduct? In the other areas, interests, or relationships in our lives that we have focused less time on, those specific neural pathways have developed at a slower pace due to fewer experiences in those areas. Those interests we’ve let lapse do not have the same ability to generate sufficient energy to create the same emotional response within our unnaturally enhanced heart space/physical bodies.

Ultimately, this creates a perception for us as individuals that we are not experiencing as much joy, excitement, or emotions of any kind through the experiences where neural pathways are not as developed as in other areas of interest we have hyper focused on.

Restated, because of how we interpret this in our mindset based on our emotional responses, it seems as though we are not enjoying ourselves as much during these experiences and therefore we lose interest in them unnaturally. This also applies to the neuropath ways that develop based on the time we spend on our personal relationships as well.