Important Basics We Need To Understand

1. Why are national averages of success for recovery and regaining a true quality of life after rehabilitation so low?


ANSWER: Sometimes it is necessary for us to utilize the services of a drug rehabilitation center. This gives us time outside of our environment, allowing us to build a new foundation from which we can begin rebuilding our lives.

What we need to also realize is that rehabilitation at a center is only the beginning of our journey; an initial step towards creating a naturally balanced life free from all the triggers that exist within our environments that we return to once we have completed our programs.

It is through returning all our neural pathways back to the parameters of their natural state that removes all triggers (extreme emotions, thought patterns, and physical desires) from the environments we live and this can only be done by naturally healing ourselves within our environments themselves. The byproduct is: All that remains are our pure thoughts and the knowledge we have learned from our collective experiences, enabling us to then naturally create a true quality of life for ourselves and our families that is centered in what we truly enjoy in life.


2. Why it is so important to understand how neural pathways/triggers naturally develop from our experiences and the energy generated by our neural pathways create all our emotions, thought patterns, and physical desires no matter how extreme?


We need to understand, that our experiences are what create our neural pathways. Neural pathway are how we develop thought patterns, feel joy, excitement, or any emotion and physical response. These are all an interpretation of the energy produced by our neuropath ways by our physical bodies, which includes (our heart space).

The amount of energy our neural pathways generate and send to our physical bodies also naturally or unnaturally expands through our continuing experiences, also expanding our physical body’s ability to process more energy. When we hyper focus in certain areas of our lives, become event based, or use substances to enhance our experiences, then through our continuing experiences, our neural pathways surrounding these experiences dramatically and unnaturally increase their ability to generate more extreme emotions/physical reactions from both the experiences itself and/or the substance used.

Over time the byproduct is: Substances are always a part of the experiences we plan until finally the use of the substances becomes the experiences we plan. Additionally as we go through these types of experiences all our triggers anchor themselves to these same extreme neural pathways through our senses during the experiences. The resulting byproduct is:

  • First, our triggers develop within the environments we live.
  • Second, when trigger fires the same extreme neural pathways generate their extreme energy that is then sent to the body, which then produces extreme thought patterns, emotional, and physical desires that remain with us for an extended period of time.


We need to also understand when using substances to help us return to our natural state because the lives we live are constantly removing us from our natural state, we are forced to increase or use stronger substances to help us with this process. The byproduct of this is we avoid what our emotions are trying to help us understand about ourselves.


3. Why it is so important for us to live a naturally balanced life that is centered on understanding/implementing what brings true joy into all areas of our lives?


The foundation that allows us to create this for ourselves is:


To naturally develop through your experiences proper knowledge platforms/belief systems which then create pure emotions we can trust when making decisions.
Developing the ability to turn inward and trust in our pure emotions when making decisions in our lives.
Always make decisions in life from the perspective of creating a naturally balanced life that is centered on understanding and implementing what brings true joy into all areas of our lives.


Implementing the points above into our belief systems allows all our neural pathways, which produce our thought patterns, emotions, and physical desires, to remain within the parameters of their natural state of flow. As we go through experiences that help us understand what we truly enjoy in each area of our lives, we also develop the natural ability to turn inward and trust in our pure emotions when making decisions.

Keeping all our neural pathways within the parameters of their natural state throughout our lives allows us to then naturally determine and implement based our experiences what we truly will enjoy in all areas of our life.

The byproduct of living our lives this way is that we will avoid unnaturally removing or implementing things in our lives based on extreme neural pathways that are outside the parameters of their natural state.

When we hyper focus, become event based, or add substances in our lives this dramatically increases our neural pathways so that it seems as though these areas or actions in our lives are only what we find joy in. Remember, living a naturally balanced life enables all our neural pathways to remain in balanced parameters. This also allows our physical bodies the ability to process the energy our neural pathways generate which also remains in these same balanced parameters so that we evenly and correctly understand what we truly enjoy all areas in our life.


4. How a holistic/energy approach can empower and assist us as individuals with
returning all our extreme triggers/neural pathways and emotions back to their natural state in a timely fashion. The by product is all that remains is our natural thoughts and the knowledge learned from our experiences.


Energy is in all living things. Energy has developed over time a symbiotic relationship with all living things. Within our heart space and minds intent is formulated/naturally developed; this is when energy itself takes over and implements your intent.

It requires energy to create emotions, thoughts, physical actions, and intent. When we go through new experiences, no matter how extreme, based on our desire/intent, knowledge is naturally created/developed. This knowledge is then added to our personal knowledge platforms. Which then further naturally or unnaturally develop our neural pathways that generate energy creating emotions within us that support our naturally evolving belief systems.

When is this done? When new desire/intent is implemented, our actions create knowledge and the knowledge/actions we implement (our experiences) based on that desire/intent through energy creates neural pathways.


It is these neural pathways that then:


Create our ever expanding platform of emotions; it is an interpretation of our emotions as we go through experiences that develop our knowledge platform.
It is our collective knowledge held within our knowledge platforms that our thoughts develop; a thought or impression develops by interpreting our emotions generated from our neural pathways that are triggered from our senses during our experiences.


These are the steps that create our individual knowledge platforms/belief systems, which naturally develop over time from our experiences and it is our emotions and thoughts/impressions that help us determine what we enjoy in life.

However, when we hyper focus on specific areas of our lives, become event based, or add substances that enhance our experiences, we are removed from the parameters of our natural state and begin unnaturally narrowing down what we truly enjoy in life.

Remember it is energy that develops all our neural pathways through our experiences and it is our neural pathways that generates the energy that creates our emotions, thought patterns, and physical desires. And no matter how extreme our neural pathways have become, it is only working with energy and applying new knowledge  into our continuing experiences that will return them back to the parameters of their natural state in a timely fashion. Then all that remains is knowledge we can then apply in our everyday lives as we seek to understand and implement what will bring true joy in all areas of our life.


5. Why is hyper focusing in areas of our life, becoming event based, or adding substances to our experience so harmful to our relationships and the naturally balanced life we are trying to create?


What happens when we hyper focus in certain areas of our lives or use substances to enhance our experiences? Through those experiences, both our neural pathways that generate the energy to create our emotions and the capacity that our physical bodies have to equivalently process this same volume of energy both dramatically and unnaturally increase equally.

And the byproduct? In the other areas, interests, or relationships in our lives that we have focused less time on, those specific neural pathways have developed at a slower pace due to fewer experiences in those areas. Those interests we’ve let lapse do not have the same ability to generate sufficient energy to create the same emotional response within our unnaturally enhanced heart space/physical bodies.

Ultimately, this creates a perception for us as individuals that we are not experiencing as much joy, excitement, or emotions of any kind through the experiences where neural pathways are not as developed as in other areas of interest we have hyper focused on.

Restated, because of how we interpret this in our mindset based on our emotional responses, it seems as though we are not enjoying ourselves as much during these experiences and therefore we lose interest in them unnaturally. This also applies to the neural pathways that develop based on the time we spend on our personal relationships as well.