Understanding Neural Pathways

Why it is so important to understand how neural pathways/triggers naturally develop from our experiences and the energy generated by our neural pathways create all our emotions, thought patterns, and physical desires no matter how extreme?


We need to understand, that our experiences are what create our neural pathways. Neural pathways are how we develop thought patterns, feel joy, excitement, or any emotion and physical response. These are all an interpretation of the energy produced by our neural pathways by our physical bodies, which includes (our heart space).

The amount of energy our neural pathways generate and send to our physical bodies also naturally or unnaturally expands through our continuing experiences, also expanding our physical body’s ability to process more energy. When we hyper focus in certain areas of our lives, become event based, or use substances to enhance our experiences, then through our continuing experiences, our neural pathways surrounding these experiences dramatically and unnaturally increase their ability to generate more extreme emotions/physical reactions from both the experiences itself and/or the substance used.

Over time the byproduct is: Substances are always a part of the experiences we plan until finally the use of the substances becomes the experiences we plan. Additionally as we go through these types of experiences all our triggers anchor themselves to these same extreme neural pathways through our senses during the experiences. The resulting byproduct is:

  • First, our triggers develop within the environments we live.
  • Second, when trigger fires the same extreme neural pathways generate their extreme energy that is then sent to the body, which then produces extreme thought patterns, emotional, and physical desires that remain with us for an extended period of time.


We need to also understand when using substances to help us return to our natural state because the lives we live are constantly removing us from our natural state, we are forced to increase or use stronger substances to help us with this process. The byproduct of this is we avoid what our emotions are trying to help us understand about ourselves.