Who We Are


Our focus at Freedom through Knowledge is to assist individuals and families by introducing naturally developing skills, empowering our clients so that they will create and maintain in a timely fashion a true quality of life. It IS possible! A new life: Free from all the triggers and addictions within the environment you live in. A new life: Realized by applying new knowledge and techniques into your everyday living experiences.


Are you aware that it is within our environments and everyday life where all the triggers that fire from our senses are held? Neural pathways generate the intense energy that triggers our extreme thoughts, emotions, and physical desires which, in many cases, we ultimately give into. Our program believes when possible, it is best to heal ourselves within our everyday environments rather than outside of them. In order to successfully accomplish this, we customize the program to the specific needs of each and every client ending the reactive behaviors and learning to empower themselves. In fact, rehabilitation within a person’s everyday environment enables them to naturally take back control and create a quality life free from extreme triggers in a shorter amount of time.



Did you know? It is only when we truly understand that we as individuals have the power and ability within us to naturally heal ourselves from within so that we can truly free ourselves from our addictions. At Freedom through Knowledge you’ll learn how to collectively look at your past experiences and enable the neuropathic behavior developed from your experiences to holistically return and remain within the parameters of their natural state. The byproduct of this critical process is all that remains is the knowledge you can then apply to your life that will ultimately create a true quality of life. A life that is centered on understanding and implementing what brings true joy in all areas of your life.



Freedom through Knowledge helps individuals and families empower themselves through learnings that are easily applied in everyday life through natural methods:


Your neural pathways will naturally return to the parameters of their natural state in a timely fashion, which removes all triggers and weight you have placed on yourself.

You will naturally develop proper knowledge platforms and belief systems from the knowledge held within your own personal experiences, thus removing the weight you have placed upon yourself. The ultimate result? You’ll always remain connected to your pure emotions as you continue to naturally develop the ability to always turn inward and trust in them when making decisions in your life.



ere at Freedom through Knowledge we believe it is important to understand how our new holistic approach will remove all your triggers. Triggers include extreme emotions, thought patterns, and physical desires that fire from your senses. We help you remove those triggers within the environment you live in a timely fashion. In fact, Freedom through Knowledge puts the most emphasis on creating a true quality of life for yourself by giving you the help and tools you require within the environment you live.
It is through an understanding of your pure emotions, how we can work with energy in our lives, and comprehending the true results of what you implement in your life that true insight and knowledge is gained which you apply to heal and refine from within.
When you seek out our services at Freedom through Knowledge we start with your current perspective in life and help you build on it. We help you discover how your collective experiences hold the knowledge you can apply so that you can return to the parameters of your natural state which empowers you as an individual to begin living a naturally balanced life centered on what you enjoy in all areas of living.


Dannell Ockey


My life today is fantastic! I work out on a regular basis. I participate in water-related sports such as enjoying the beach, boogie boarding, and scuba diving. I enjoy the relationships I have developed with my family and fun caring friends.